How Does Goal Setting Work?

By simply writing down your goals you activate the forces in the universe to help you achieve your goals. When you seek something, it seeks you with an equal force. The greater your desire, the faster you achieve it. By focusing on your goals, you get more clarity of what you want to achieve, and are able to concentrate your efforts in the right direction.

All you need to do is to write your goals down. We will keep reminding you of your goal every week, along with an action tip or two. As you read your goals, you find ways to work towards them. And the universe helps you by pushing you towards you goals.

Hundreds have tried and tested our proven, Free, Goal Setting System. You too can benefit from it. After all, there's nothing to lose. You don't pay anything, and you don't owe anything to us. Just key in your name, your email and your goals, and get ready to receive them every week in your email.

If you haven't already done so, Write Your Personal Goals and take the First Step towards achieving your goals.

         "After having tried many different diet plans, I didn't lose any weight. I guess I was not disciplined long enough. The motivation would disappear after a few hours or days. With "GoalSettingThatWorks", I kept getting my goals that painted a picture of my healthy & trim self every week. That helped and I was able to lose 43 pounds."       - Judith Taylor, Santa Monica.